The unarmed adept is nearly as dangerous with his bare hands as an equally trained opponent with a weapon. This trait has several basic effects.

  • Rank 1: The character's reach when unarmed is treated as if the adept is wielding a weapon. The character's extended reach is equal the double character's unarmed attack rank in inches.
  • Rank 2: The character can block attacks from armed opponents with his full unarmed skill instead of using only half. This benefit only applies if the attacker's staging value minus the adept's STR is 20 or lower. Attacks that are more powerful than can not be blocked. Any attempts to block such attacks will usually result in injury. At this rank of the HC the character also gains the benefits of Defense Mastery against armed opponents as well, provided the character already has ranks in Defense Master (Unarmed)
  • Rank 3: The character reduces the difficulty of disarm attempts by 10 when fighting unarmed. This lowers the difficulty to 20 diff. for brawlers and to 10 diff to martial artists.

Heroic Characteristic DetailEdit

30 points per rank
Any unarmed attack skill at rank 8 or higher.