For purposes of healing, a character with the Medicine skill may tend to the wounds of another. When this is done, a skill test is made against the difficulty of the wound type. If successful, the character heals at a rate equivalent to their Constitution plus the caregiver's Medicine skill. Failure indicates that the character simply heals as normal. Botching indicates that the treatment was counter productive and the patient takes 1 point of that type of damage due to infections or wound aggravation. One care giver can tend to up to 5 patients out in the field or up to 10 patients in a care giving setting such as a hospital. For each additional patient, the doctor suffers a +5 TAV to all skill checks.
Healing LW or MB 70 TAV
Healing MW or SB 90 TAV
Healing SW 110 TAV

Skill Synergy: If the character possesses the First Aid skill, this skill can be added to the value of First Aid for purposes of determining how much damage can be healed during immediate care. This does not add to the character's First Aid AV when rolling the skill check.

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