Intimidation is the skill of forcing others to back down or even possibly do things against their will. Frequent use of this skill probably won't make the character any friends, whether the character uses social intimidation or physical intimidation. Intimidation tests are opposed checks versus the target's Resist Mental skill. The character adjusts the Intimidation roll according the situation. Strength or Size for physical situations, Willpower or Reasoning for more subtle and social situations. In any given intimidation situation, the target may receive bonuses for possessing special skills, knowledge, or combat prowess. For example, a powerful mage, although physically weak and frail, would be easily intimidated if it weren't for the fact that he has the confidence that his magic can handle most situations for him, thus giving him some bonuses. As a general rule, give a character or target a +1 AV bonus for each rank of any skill that may help them in a particular situation, but only if the target is aware of those skills in some fashion. In the case of combat skills, use only the character's or target's highest combat skill, not all combat skills added together. Other factors to take into consideration are outnumbering, odds, and repercussions. A guard who knows that he will be executed for violating his post is more likely to take his chances with a group of adventurers than a bar room bully will.

Skill DetailsEdit

It is important to remember that successful Intimidation does not mean the victim is forced to comply with the intimidator's will. Intimidation can change or affect outcomes of social interactions, but it is not mind control.

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