Special: Agility adjustment, negative value of SIZ adjustment.
Use of this skill generally requires that appropriate cover be present which the character can use to hide or conceal themselves or the objects they wish to hide.


This skill is used to hide and conceal the character and objects. When the character is attempting to hide, she should roll a Hide test opposed by the Spot test of anyone looking for her. The adjustment for hide is determined by differently than most skills. Both size and agility affect a character's ability to hide effectively.

  • Agility adjustment.
  • Negative value of SIZ adjustment.

Lighting, multiple observers, or clothing can assist or hinder a character's attempt to hide. Sneaking through a trash-laden alleyway at night is much easier than sneaking across an open field in broad daylight. Noticing a creature that is attempting to hide requires a successful Spot skill check that exceeds the character's own stealth attempts.

Condition Bonus/Penalty
Appropriate colored clothing +5 to +20 AV
Carrying a light source -5 to -100 AV
Lighting, dark; Fog, heavy +20 AV
Lighting, dim; Fog, light +10 AV
No cover -100 AV
Light cover -40 AV
Moderate cover No penalty/bonus
Good cover +10 to +20 AV
Complete cover +30 to +40 AV

Below are some examples of some types of cover and how they apply to the hide skill.

  • No cover: The character literally has no place to hide.
  • Light cover: Hiding around a corner while trying to peak, hiding in a doorway (not behind a door), hiding behind something shorter or narrower than oneself, light foliage, hiding under a single blanket in a bed.
  • Moderate cover: Moderate foliage with small gaps, a pile of blankets or clothing, hiding behind a door on the hinge side, hiding behind something approximately the same size as oneself.
  • Good cover: Dense foliage with few gaps, a very large pile of blankets or clothing, hiding behind something larger than oneself.
  • Complete cover: Hiding in an enclosed space, hiding behind a much larger object that does not allow any line of site from most angles.

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