This is essentially a trade/craft skill that is specialized towards the visual arts. The character must choose an emphasis. Common art types are drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, etc. Some art types are not acceptable for some campaigns.
For every three levels of this skill, the character can add a new style or sub-skill to her repertoire. Additional sub-skills are treated as if they were three levels lower than the previous sub skill. Thus, a character with a Skill of 12 in painting could also have drawing at 9, sculpture at 6, and wood cutting at 3.
Skill checks with this skill are handled differently than most other skills. Although the roll is handled the same as most other skills, results are interpreted differently. Every piece of art requires a standard skill check, but the results are compared to the chart, not pitted against the difficulty.
  • 59 or lower: poor quality.
  • 60 - 79: Mediocre quality.
  • 80 - 99: Decent quality.
  • 100 - 119: Good Quality.
  • 120 - 139: Very good quality.
  • 140 - 159: Excellent quality.
  • 160 and higher: Wondrous.