Perception or Reasoning
In certain circumstances, the character may fail this skill and not be aware of it. If that possibility exists, the game keeper should roll the skill check for the player instead.
Appraisal allows the character to determine the value of an item, helping to sort out quality from the absolutely worthless junk. An accurate appraisal requires up close inspection of the object, if not hands on examination.
Common items
60 TAV. Success indicates estimate is between 80% and 130% (roll 1d6+7 multiplied by 10%). Failure indicates an estimate between 40% and 150% (roll 1d12+3 multiplied by 10%). A result greater than 100 will give the character an accurate estimate between 90% and 110%.
Uncommon and rare items
TAVs of 70, 90, 110 or higher. Success indicates an estimate between 80% and 130% and failure indicates that the character couldn't determine a reasonable value.

Synergy Skills: Appraisal of any item that has something directly in common with another skill the character possesses can grant benefits. For example, an archer who finds a fine bow will more likely be more accurate than a gem cutter looking at the same bow.