This HC has multiple effects depending upon how many HC ranks the character possesses.

  • Rank 1: The shooter can make impressive shots against inanimate objects with greater ease. The character gains a +20 AV bonus to shoot inanimate objects. This does not apply to objects held by others.
  • Rank 2: The shooter can make called shots against objects held by others without any penalties. Additionally, the character gains a +20 AV bonus when making called shots to the Legs, Arms, Knees, or Hands.
  • Rank 3: The shooter can make extremely close shots intended to intimidate or impress. If the shooter takes a -20 AV penalty, an object or target can be struck without inflicting damage (a scratch to the face from an arrow, shooting a whisky glass from someone's hand, or a grazing bullet wound). If the shot misses, there a 5% chance that the target is actually struck instead. This may grant a +10 AV bonus to any intimidation checks by the character.
  • Rank 4: If the character possesses the Safe Shooter HC, the character can fire at grappling opponents. The character takes a -20 AV penalty to the attack, but if he misses there is no chance of accidentally hitting unintended targets.

The character can also choose fire his weapon in an extremely improbable and unlikely manner, such as using his feet, shooting backwards over the shoulder, holding a weapon upside down, firing a two-handed weapon one-handed, etc. The character suffers a -30 AV penalty to the shot

Heroic Characteristic DetailsEdit

20 points per rank
Archery, Rifle, Handgun, Throw, or Crossbow skill at rank 8 or higher.