Fool's luck allows the character to avoid one bad situation once per day. This trait can be taken multiple times, granting the character an extra instance of Fools Luck each day. It affects the character in one of two ways each time that Fool's Luck is called upon.

  • If the character critically fails a test by rolling a natural 05 or less on a 1d100, the character can call upon fools luck. Instead, the character actually succeeds wildly in the action even while critically botching the situation yet not causing harm to himself or his companions. (e.g. Scoring a critical hit against an opponent, but getting his sword hopelessly stuck in his armor.)
  • The character can force one successful attack or other action of an NPC that is detrimental to the character to be rerolled with a -20 AV penalty to the reroll.

Heroic Characteristic DetailsEdit

40 points per rank
Max Ranks
5 ranks
None of the character's Reasoning, Perception, Willpower, or Spirit attributes may be greater than 12.