The flashy warrior is capable of amazing displays of weapon prowess. If the character spends two major actions showing off his stuff, intelligent opponents that observe him must make a Willpower(Heroes combat skill AV + HC rank x5) if their highest combat skill is 4 or more less than the hero's combat skill plus HC level. Failure indicates that they suffer from fear effects and are frightened, causing a -10 AV penalty to all actions that they undertake while faced by the hero during that scene (see the chapter on combat for more details). If the hero is outnumbered, they gain a +5 AV bonus to their Willpower tests. For every opponent they have seen the hero dispatch of single-handedly, they suffer a -5 AV penalty to their Willpower tests. This fear effect lasts for as long as the display continues plus 6 rounds (1 minute) after the display stops. A weapons display costs 1 point of stamina to perform and maintain each round.

If the character uses a weapon while employing the intimidate skill, this HC allows the hero to add his weapon skill rank (not the AV) multiplied by 2 to the intimidate check.

Heroic Characteristic DetailsEdit

30 points, plus 15 points per extra rank
Max Ranks
This HC can be taken for multiple weapons, with a limit of 5 extra ranks per weapon.
Melee Combat Skill of 12